Sex, money and death: The topics we dread discussing

Sex, money and death are awkward subjects to discuss with family and friends. But which do UK adults hate talking about most and how is it affecting us?

We surveyed over 2,000 UK adults on how comfortable they felt talking about three of the most taboo topics - sex, money and death - with their friends and family. The results may surprise you.

Sex, Money and death are all topics UK adults dread discussing with friends and family. But which do they hate talking about most, and does this explain why they’re avoiding making wills?


Don’t avoid the important conversations in life. Get in touch with our wills experts who will answer your questions and help to give you peace of mind.


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Death and wills easier to discuss than relationships

13 February 2017

UK adults find it more difficult to discuss sex, relationships and finances with friends and family than death and wills, according to Which? research.

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