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Broadband problems

A fast, reliable broadband connection is essential to watch films, work and use online services including access to government services and banking.

When you have a broadband problem, it’s essential to know your consumer rights. Broadband problems are frustrating, and range from switching broadband provider, broadband not working, slow broadband speeds to incorrect broadband bills.

Mobile phone problems

Mobile phone problems can be difficult to deal with. Problems include high mobile phone bills that claim you owe the mobile phone service hundreds of pounds, to mobile phones that fail when the manufacturers guarantee has expired or that can’t get a mobile phone signal. It can be difficult to get the mobile company to fix the problem, leaving you out of pocket or without a working mobile phone.

Which? Legal can help

If you have a broadband problem, Which? Legal can help. Our specialist advisers can advise on issues such as loss of broadband service, slow broadband speeds and problems with hardware supplied by the broadband company. We can help you understand your consumer rights, and the action you can take if the broadband company won’t solve your problem.

We can help with legal advice on mobile phone problems, and what action you can take to get the mobile phone company to resolve your problem. And if your phone works perfectly but you have problems with your mobile phone bill or not getting the service that you are paying for, then we give you legal advice on what to do. 

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Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6pm
Excluding Bank Holidays

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