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Broadband advice

Broadband problems and your consumer rights

Whether you have a broadband only package, or you bundled your landline and broadband together, you are entitled to get the broadband service that you were promised. The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982[1]/The Consumer Rights Act 2015[2] says that the service has to be provided with reasonable skill and care – which means if you face a broadband problem, knowing your consumer rights and legal options can help.

Slow broadband speeds

If you’ve been promised fast broadband but instead suffer slow broadband speeds or you lose your connection for days at a time, knowing your rights can help you claim compensation or get your broadband provider to fix your problem and deliver the broadband service you signed up for.

Which? Legal can help

Our team of specialist advisers can help with your consumer rights questions and give legal advice when you have a broadband problem so you can be back online as soon as possible. Our legal team can help with:

  • what to do when you have consistently slow speeds that are much less than you were promised
  • how to claim compensation for loss of broadband service
  • cancelling a broadband contract that isn’t living up to its promise
  • your legal options when you don’t get the broadband service that you're paying for

Our Which? Legal team of specialist advisers can help you understand your consumer rights with broadband problems. They provide clear legal advice to help tackle problems with broadband, and can give you advice on ending a broadband contract or claiming compensation.

[1] For contracts entered into prior to 1st October 2015

[1] For contracts entered into on or after 1st October 2015

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