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Sex, Money and death are all topics UK adults dread discussing with friends and family. But which do they hate talking about most, and does this explain why they’re avoiding making wills?
Death and wills easier to discuss than relationships

UK adults find it more difficult to talk about sex, relationships and finances with friends and family than they do death and wills, according to a Which? survey.

A Which? survey has revealed that 77% of UK adults find sex an awkward topic to discuss, while only 32% find it hard to talk about wills. Despite this, only 37% actually had a will. 77% said that sex is an awkward topic to discuss while only 32% found it hard to talk about wills. Despite this, only 37% actually had a will.

Relationships and money also awkward for many

Relationships were the second trickiest subject, with 45% of respondents finding the matter tough to discuss with friends and family. This was followed by finance, with 40% of respondents saying it was a tricky topic to talk about, and death, with 36%.

Although wills weren’t seen as being a particularly awkward topic, 45% had never actually discussed them with their family, while 27% hadn’t talked about death.

Why should we talk about wills?

Espe Fuentes, solicitor and head of legal operations at Which?, says: ‘Although we may be reluctant to have these kinds of conversations with our relatives, it’s easier to consider these issues when we’re fit and well.

‘It’s important to let relatives know if a will exists and, if so, where it’s stored. We would encourage people to have these conversations if they want to make sure that their wishes are carried out.’

If you’re interested in writing a will or just want to find out more about the reasons for making one, call our expert team on 01992 822803 or visit the Which? Wills website.


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