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Tenants Repairs

As a tenant, you have the right to have the home that you rent kept in a reasonable state of repair and your landlord has a legal responsibility to properly maintain it. This covers not just the walls, roof, external doors and windows but the interior of the building too, including sinks, toilets and drains and gas appliances.

Tenant rights and repairs

If repairs need doing, let your landlord know in writing and give them a deadline for carrying them out. If your landlord refuses or delays the repairs unreasonably, your tenant rights allow you to take things further in order to force your landlord to carry out repairs.

You may be able to take court action or if the disrepair poses a serious health and safety risk, contact your local council's Environmental Health Department. In some circumstances, it may be reasonable to get the work done yourself and then claim the cost back.

However, it is important to check your tenancy agreement before taking action about disrepair in your home. Some tenancy agreements are easier for landlords to terminate if you ask for repairs to done, and you may face losing your home.

Which? Legal can help

Our team of specialist advisers can provide expert legal advice if you find yourself in a tenancy dispute regarding home repairs.

They will advise you on your legal rights as a tenant, and can guide you through the necessary steps to try to resolve a dispute. 

Why Which? Legal?

We're not on the clock. Our legal team will help you every step of the way, for a simple monthly fee.

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