Problems with tenancy

When you pay rent to a landlord for your home, you need to be aware of the rights you have if any problems arise. If there’s an issue with plumbing or pests, your landlord may have to act. Knowing what your landlord is obliged to do can ease your stress at anxious times, and give you the confidence you need to resolve an issue with your accommodation.

Which? Legal can help

If you’re renting privately in England or Wales and have an assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST), or in Scotland a Short Assured Tenancy, you have a contract between you and your landlord setting out the rights and obligations of both sides. We’ll give you clear advice on your legal position.

Your landlord may be refusing to make repairs, turning up unannounced or delaying the return of your deposit. Our lawyers and specialist legal advisers are able to provide the assistance you need to work out exactly where you stand.

Why Which? Legal?

Unlike a high street solicitor, we're not on the clock. Our legal experts will help you every step of the way for a simple monthly fee.

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